Photos by Yianni Doulis

View of the house from the courtyard

Left: Vaulted ceiling under which a glass-enclosed dining room will be built / Right: Door to dining room

Left: Door to kitchen / Right: View of the yard from the courtyard

Left: Oncle Pierre's study / Right: New tadelakt wall

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Burgundy House

During a year-long sabbatical in France, Jessica and her husband, architect Yianni Doulis, helped plan the restoration of Jessica’s great-grandmother’s 16th-century Burgundy house. They drew plans for a new sleeping loft, a kitchen remodel, and a new glass-enclosed dining room. When the work is complete, the dining room will

project above an immense open space of thick wooden beams and old stone walls. Jessica and Yianni also refinished several interior walls using tadelakt, a traditional Moroccan finishing method that involves burnishing naturally pigmented lime plaster until it reaches a high level of polish and water resistance.