Tupai at Andina

Andina is one of Portland’s best restaurants, and we designed this private-event space to reflect its modern, distinctly Peruvian cuisine. Referencing the stepped patterns found in Incan art and in the agricultural terraces of the contemporary Peruvian landscape, we developed a recurring zigzagging motif, which appears in a warmly back-lit cutout in the main dining area’s decorative wall; in the stepped form of a thick, reclaimed-wood display shelf mounted behind the bar; and in

patterned shades that encircle large, locally made, pendant light fixtures. At the bar, handmade talavera tiles—traditionally used throughout South America, but here set in a distinctively modern pattern—add a rustic touch. Elsewhere, small pendant lights and sconces give off a warm glow, their shades made of thin, translucent wood. The warm, inviting color palette is deliberately neutral, enabling the space to accommodate diverse groups and events.

Photos by Lincoln Barbour